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TeamWorks is an innovative program that provides British Columbia's local governments access to additional, specialized resources, adding a new level of service to the long-standing tradition of information sharing.
Designed to enhance the informal partnership programs that exist today, TeamWorks allows local governments to seek and provide assistance, and share resources.
The experience of combining the userand the resource provider together in a hands-on environment will not only efficiently solve the problem, but will provide unique leadership and training opportunities.

TeamWorks can provide expertise in a wide variety of local government fields including: 

  • Strategic Planning
  • Information Technology
  • Land Use Planning
  • Environmental and Emergency Programs
  • Community Safety and Services
  • Civic Beautification
  • Human Resources
  • Financial Management
  • Council/Staff Relations
  • Transportation
  • Change Management
  • Engineering & Public Work

Getting Started

The Process:

  • The local government “user” seeking assistance with a challenge emails a TeamWorks request to the LGMA identifying the type of assistance they are seeking in as much detail as possible.
  • The LGMA will distribute the request and solicit responses, providing information about the type of assistance requested. When responses have been received they will be forwarded to the “user” for selection.
  • The user and resource provider enter into an agreement and carry out the project. The user would only be responsible for direct costs associated with the project such as travel, accommodation and materials. The assessed costs may be adjusted as the project evolves to reflect administrative workloads
Sample Forms:


A snapshot of some TeamWorks projects:

  • development of a new zoning by law for Tofino
  • a human resources audit in Squamish
  • creation of a cultural commission in Castlegar
  • cost recovery/funding options for capital improvements and drafting of new inter-agency service agreements in Zeballos
  • traffic calming and human resource guidance in Lion's Bay

TeamWorks Feedback Form [DOC - 531 KB]

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