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Grant Anderson Commemorative Scholarship

Application deadline for all 2018 Scholarships is Friday, September 28, 2018, by 4:30 p.m. Scholarship applicants will be notified by October 31.

Grant Anderson Commemorative Scholarship Application Form

The purpose of the Grant Anderson Commemorative Scholarship is to encourage those students with an interest in local government administration, local government law and governance, and in planning and land-use law to pursue post-secondary education in one of those fields. The Scholarship will be available to assist students who have shown an interest in local government during their undergraduate career, and who are accepted, or are registered, in any of the following post-secondary programs leading to a degree at British Columbia post-secondary institutions:

  • Masters degree in public administration, or public sector management or leadership
  • Masters degree in community and regional planning
  • Bachelors degree in law

Preference will be given to the aforementioned degree programs however applicants for other post-secondary education related to local government; planning or law will be considered.

Candidates should be intending to treat their degree as a terminal degree, and as a pre-requisite to professional employment. Our goal is to assist in training local government professionals for the future of British Columbia.

Funds for the Grant Anderson Commemorative Scholarship are managed by the Vancouver Foundation.

The Scholarship shall be for one year and in the amount of up to $1,000 paid upon proof of registration at a post-secondary institution in one of the approved subject areas.

Every successful candidate will be expected during the tenure of his or her Scholarship, to write a 10-20 page paper on a topic of relevance to local government. That paper will be made available to local government practitioners through the Local Government Management Association and CivicInfo BC's online library.

For further information on the Grant Anderson Scholarship please contact the LGMA at office@lgma.ca


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