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2015 Understanding Municipal Financial Statements Webinar

Webinar - Understanding Municipal Financial Statements - What do they say?
Gain a solid understanding of how to easily read and interpret what your Municipalities financial statements say and don't say. This course will present a practical and easy-to-understand approach to reading and interpreting municipal financial statements suitable for persons who do not have a financial background.

Tuesdays and Thursdays: February 24, 26 and March 3, 5, 2015 (inclusive four dates)
Four, one and one-half hour webinar sessions scheduled over four dates.

Cost: $295 per registrant + GST        
View the full webinar brochure  and register now.

Nancy Gomerich, BBA, CA, NG Consulting

Delivering the material through the review and analysis of an illustrative set of municipal financial statements you will:      
  • Gain an understanding of the objectives and limits of municipal financial statements
  • Learn to identify key financial numbers and relationships
  • Identify and discuss the meaning/relevance of financial indicators like accumulated surplus, annual surplus, net debt, amortization, deferred revenue, post-retirement benefits, etc.
  • Quickly identify and assess a Municipality's financial position
  • Develop a better understanding of the audit report
  • Learn how to compare the municipal financial statements results of operations (i.e., the income statement) to the annual budget document.
As a result of this course, you will be better equipped to understand and evaluate your Municipality's year-end financial position and annual operations, improving your ability to assess and consider a wide range of financial issues.

The course will be delivered in a webinar format, lead by Nancy Gomerich, NG Consulting. 

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