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Fire Service Administration


Working Together: Effective Fire Service Administration for Fire Chiefs and Local Government CAOs Program

The Local Government Management Association of BC (LGMA), is pleased to partner with the Fire Chiefs' Association of BC, and Office of the Fire Commissioner, to offer an educational program to address the pressing need for knowledge, skill development and administrative and financial leadership to effectively operate fire departments in BC.

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The program is aimed at communities operating predominately volunteer and smaller paid on call/composite fire departments. It will support municipal and regional district Chief Administrative Officers (CAOs) and Fire Chiefs to carry out their responsibilities in providing fire services to their community.  CAOs and partner Fire Chiefs are encouraged to attend together. In addition, interested senior local government management who are responsible for working with their fire service(s) and deputy and assistant Fire Chiefs may also attend.

The focus of this interactive, practical training program is to:

  • provide fire service and local government leaders with a clear understanding of their respective roles and responsibilities in the provision and administration of a local fire service; 
  • provide CAOs an opportunity to learn about the administrative, management and operational aspects of their local fire service(s);
  • provide fire service leaders an opportunity to learn about the administrative and management requirements of their local governments;
  • encourage the development of fire service delivery models and service levels based on community needs and capacity; and
  • build a network of fire service leaders and local government CAOs which will serve to provide mutual support and networking on an ongoing basis. 

Participants will be provided with a take-away resource workbook for reference to use back in their community.

Program Cost: $250 + GST includes meals only. Accommodation arrangements to be made by the participant.  

The LGMA gratefully acknowledges the financial support of: Emergency Management BC, TransCanada, the Municipal Finance Authority of BC, and the Fire Services Liaison Group




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