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100,000 Hours Volunteer Campaign

Local government professionals are the backbone of their communities. Join the LGMA in collecting 100,000 hours of volunteer work and help us celebrate the impact our profession makes in communities across British Columbia.

Local government professionals are committed to helping their communities. In addition to dedicating their working hours to improving the lives of people in their communities, many local government professionals also dedicate their free time to helping their communities through volunteerism. 
To celebrate the impact of local government professionals during our Centennial Year, the LGMA is encouraging local government professionals to track their volunteer hours to help reach the goal of collecting 100,000 hours of volunteer work across BC.
Our goal is to collect 100,000 hours between May 2018 (the launch of our Centennial celebrations) and the end of 2019 (if you have already volunteered during this timeframe, you are welcome to count those hours retroactively).
Each time you contribute to a volunteer activity in your community (anything from coaching, to working in a food bank, to volunteering on a board or committee), add your hours to the form below. You can submit your hours every time you volunteer, or collect them up and submit them each month. The LGMA will track the collective number of hours submitted and will update this page with our progress each week.
Follow the LGMA on Twitter or LinkedIn to track our progress in collecting 100,000 volunteer hours in our centennial year.
Frequently Asked Questions:
What kinds of volunteer activities count?
  • You are welcome to count any volunteer activity you perform in your community. We have listed some common activities on the form (i.e. event organizing, mentoring, coaching, etc.), but if your activity doesn't fit into one of the categories, please feel free to add your own activity under the "Other" category.
Can I count hours from the Summer?
  • Since many of our members volunteer during the summer, we encourage members to count any volunteer activities between May 2018 and the end of 2019.
Will my name or volunteer activities be made public?
  • Your name and volunteer activities will not be made public by your participation in this campaign. 

How often should I log hours?

  • How you log your volunteer hours is up to you. You can visit our website and log hours each time you volunteer, or save your hours up and log them at the end of each month.

I'm having trouble using the form

  • If you have any trouble using the form, or about the 100,000 Hours campaign in general, please email the LGMA at office@lgma.ca or call us at 250.383.7032.

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