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Past Award Recipients

LGMA Member Award Winners - Congratulations!

LGMA strongly encourages its members to seek recognition for excellence in local government management practices by participating in the member recognition program.  LGMA staff and Board of Directors would like to recognize the outstanding contributions of our members. Congratulations to our recipients!

2019 - Vancouver

President's Award - Brian Reardon

Life Membership Award - Mark Koch

Distinguished Partner Award - Colin Stewart

Distinguished Member Award - Elsie Lemke

Professional Service Award, Leadership - Dr. Raeleen Manjak

Professional Service Award, Leadership - Laurie Hurst

Professional Service Award, Volunteer Service - Bryan Teasdale

Professional Service Award, Volunteer Service - Robert Lapham

Executive Service Award - Theresa Lenardon

Executive Service Award - Don Schaffer

2018 - Victoria

President's Award - Ron Mattiussi

Life Membership Award - Patti Bridal

Distinguished Partner Award - Tracey Lorenson

Distinguished Partner Award - Jan Enns

Distinguished Member Award - Rob Buchan

Distinguished Member Award - Janis Bell

Professional Service Award, Leadership - Monica Dalziel

Professional Service Award, Volunteer Service - John Leeburn

Professional Service Award, Volunteer Service - Julie Douglas

Professional Service Award: Volunteer Service LGMA Ad Hoc Communications Committee - 

  • Carol Mason
  • Terry Melcer
  • Paul Murray
  • Ron Poole
  • Sheryl Worthing
  • Jacquie Griffiths
  • Ken Bayne
  • Julie Case
  • Tom Roper

2017 - Penticton

President's Award - Bill Buholzer
Life Membership Award - Paul Murray
Distinguished Partner Award - Eli Mina, Professional Registered Parliamentarian
Distinguished Partner Award - Wally Wells, Asset Management BC
Distinguished Member Award - Darlene Morgan
Professional Service Award, Leadership - Will Pearce
Executive Service Award - no award presented

2016 - Nanaimo

President's Award - Paul Gipps
Life Membership Award - Kelly Ridley
Distinguished Partner Award - Janine North, Northern Development Initiative Trust
Distinguished Partner Award - Dr. Gary Wilson, University of Northern BC
Distinguished Partner Award - Tim Pley, Fire Chiefs' Association of BC
Distinguished Partner Award - Gord Anderson, Fire Commissioner, Office of the Fire Commissioner
Distinguished Member Award - Kevin Cormack
Distinguished Member Award - Lee-Ann Crane
Distinguished Member Award - Ron Mattiussi
Distinguished Member Award - Kevin Ramsay
Professional Service Award, Leadership - Ron Neufeld
Executive Service Award - Sarah Jones, Tom Kadla, Terry Melcer, Janet Prestley, Sonia Santarossa

2015 - Prince George

President's Award - no award presented
Life Membership Award - Mark Brennan
Distinguished Partner Award - Gerrie Waugh
Distinguished Partner Award - Gary Paget
Distinguished Member Award - Linda Adams
Professional Service Award - Jeff Mitton
Professional Service Award - Susan Rauh
Professional Service Award - Lisa Zwarn
Executive Service Award - Lynda Floyd
Executive Service Award - Ken Watson
Executive Service Award - Sheryl Worthing

2014 - Vancouver

President's Award - Ken Bayne
Life Membership Award - Corien Becker
Distinguished Partner Award - Todd Pugh, CivicInfo BC
Distinguished Member Award - Elaine Kumar
Distinguished Member Award - David Stuart
Professional Award - Leadership, Mark Brown
Professional Award - Leadership, Debra Oakman
Professional Award - Innovation, Raeleen Manjak
Professional Award - Volunteer Service, Lee-Ann Crane
Professional Award - Volunteer Service, Karla Graham
Professional Award - Volunteer Service, Karen Needham
Professional Award - Volunteer Service, Sheila Scholes
Professional Award - Volunteer Service, Tyra Henderson
Professional Award - Volunteer Service, Kelly Ridley

2013 - Kelowna

President's Award - Tom MacDonald, Habraham Shamumoyo
Life Membership Award - Alberto De Feo
Executive Service - no award presented
Distinguished Membership Award - no award presented
Distinguished Partner Award - Nicola Marotz

Professional Award, Leadership - Terry Melcer

Long Service Awards - click to display recipients

2012 - Victoria

President's Award - no award presented
Life Membership - Kathleen Day, Tom MacDonald
Executive Service - no award presented
Distinguished Membership Award - no award presented
Distinguished Partner Award - Heather Kirkham, UVic
Professional Award, Leadership - Ruth Malli

Long Service Awards - click link to display recipients

2011 - Penticton

President's Award - Jim Gustafson
Life Membership Award - John MacLean
Executive Service - no award presented
Distinguished Membership Award - no award presented
Distinguished Partner Award - Bill Buholzer
Professional Award, Leadership - Wallace Mah
Professional Award, Leadership - Jim Zaffino

2010 - Whistler

President's Award - Lee-Ann Crane
Life Membership Award - Tim Wood
Executive Service Award -  Phil Taylor & Kelly Ridley
Distinguished Membership Award - Jerry Berry & Phil Taylor
Distinguished Partner Award - no award presented
Professional Award, Innovation - Dennis Clark
Professional Award, Volunteer - Kevin Ramsay

2009 – Nanaimo

President's Award - Don Lidstone, Lawyer, Ratcliff & Company
Life Membership Award - Isabell Hadford
Executive Service - Warren Waycheshen
Distinguished Membership Award - no award presented
Distinguished Partner Award - no award presented
Professional Award, Leadership - Stan Westby

2008 – Prince George

President's Award - Ron Poole
Life Membership Award - Elsie Lemke
Executive Service Award - Jason Johnson, Joni Heinrich, Suzanne Greshham-Van Dooren & John Malcolm
Distinguished Membership Award - Rick Beauchamp
Distinguished Partner Award - no award presented
Professional Award, Leadership - Randall Rose
Professional Award, Innovation - Emanuel Machado

2007 – Vancouver

President's Award - Judy Rogers
Life Membership Award - Gord Horth
Executive Service - Wallace Mah
Distinguished Partner Award - Richard Taylor, Exective Director of the UBCM
Distinguished Member - no award presented
Professional Award, Community Service - Marg Bailey

2006 – Kelowna

President's Award - Bill Lindsay
Life Membership Award - Jim Chute
Executive Service Award - Allan Chabot, Vince Morelli
Distinguished Member Award - Brenda Sims, Toiresa Strong
Distinguished Partner Award - Mary Harkness
Professional Award, Leadership - Robert Long
Professional Award, Innovation - Geoff Pearce
Professional Award, Community & Volunteer Service - Stephen Fleming

2005 - Whistler

President's Award - Steve Berna, Municipal Finance Authority
Life Membership Award - Ron Poole & Wayne Vollrath
Executive Service Award - Lee-Ann Crane, Brenda Sims
Distinguished Member Award - Reid Hendersen
Professional Award, Leadership - Randy Diehl

2004 - Victoria

President's Award - Linn Teetzel
Life Membership Award - Mark Brown
Life Membership Award - Gerald Kingston
Life Membership Award - Debbie Comis
Executive Service - Robert Earl, Kim Anema

2003 - Penticton

President's Award - Jim Bowden
Executive Service Award - Dave Shipclark, Harry Mueller, Trudy Coates Kelly Mattson,  Paul Edgington
Professional Award, Innovation - Edward J. (Ted) Tisdale
Professional Award, Leadership - Larry Plourde

2002 - Kamloops

President's Award - George Duncan

2001 – Whistler

President's Award - CivicInfo
Professional Award - Ron Born
Special Service Award - Tom Szalay, Tom Banham, Joan Stephens, Tanalee Hesse

2000 – Prince George

President's Millennium Award - Gerald D. Berry & David G. Morris
Life Membership Award - Robert Carter
Executive Service Award - Bob Long, Wayne Vollrath, Sandy Gray & Gord Howie
Distinguished Partner Award - Doug Rundell, CEO & Assessment Commissioner of BC Assessment
Distinguished Member Award - Bryan Kirk, Shirley Hine

1999 – Kelowna

Professional Award - Moray Stewart
Distinguished Partnership Awards - Lidstone Young Anderson, Murdy & McAllister, Staples McDannold Stewart, Bull Housser & Tupper, Thompson & McConnell

1998 – Penticton

Life Membership Award - Margaret Warwick, Andre Carrel & Larry Jardine
Executive Service Award - Bob Carter, Debbie Comis
Special Service Award- Bill Lindsay, Thomas Johnstone, Stan Westby, Harald Fletcher
Professional Award - Gord Howie

1997 – Victoria

Life Membership Award - Stewart Fleming, Al Harrison, Peter Mackiewich & Lorne Anderson

1996 – Vancouver

Life Membership Award - Bob Wilson
Professional Award - Gordon McIntosh
Special Service Award - Wayne Buchanan, Bob Wilson & Dave Gawley
Executive Service Award - Al Harrison, Tina Penney, Bob Wilson & Jim Tarves

1995 – Whistler

Life Membership - Brian Ritchie & Dr. Robert Collier
Professional Award - Reid Henderson & Ken Dobell

1994 – Prince George

Life Membership Award:
Doug Manning (1973-74)
Frank Bertoia (1976-77)
Harald Hall (1979-80)
Dave Morris (1982-83)
Bill Kennedy (1983-84)
Colin Crisp (1984-85)
Wayne d'Easum (1985-86)
Norm Cook (1986-87)
George Paul (1987-88)
Gord Howie (1988-89)
Ron Born (1989-90)
Harald Hansen (1990-91)
Ken Tollstam (1991-92)
Ron O'Genski (1992-93)
Brian Ritchie (1993-94)
Executive Service, Ron O'Genski & Jim Tarves
Special Service, Gordon McIntosh & Jim Craven
Professional Award, Jim Craven

1990 – Penticton

Life Membership, Chet Jeffrey
Executive Service, Peter Mackiewich, Gordon Howie & David Gairns
Professional Award, Dr. Norm Cook

In 1985, the Municipal Officers' Association established a Professional Award for a Municipal Officer who is a regular member of the Association and has demonstrated excellence in the profession and in the community.

Past Recipients Professional Award

  • 1986 - COLIN GRIFFITH, Administrator, Town of Fort Nelson
  • 1987 - BILL KENNEDY, Director of Finance, City of Prince George
  • 1988 - HARALD HANSEN, Administrator, City of Dawson Creek
  • 1989 - RON GILL, Director of Finance, District of North Cowichan
  • 1990 - NORM COOK, Administrator, City of Coquitlam
  • 1991 - VICTOR KUMAR, Treasurer, City of Trail
  • 1992 - No award presented.
  • 1993 - DAVE WILSON, Administrator, Fraser Ft. George Regional District
  • 1994 - JIM CRAVEN, Executive Director, Municipal Finance Authority
  • 1995 - KEN DOBELL, City Manager, City of Vancouver
    REID HENDERSON, Administrator, Central Kootenay Regional District
  • 1996 - GORDON McINTOSH, Executive Director, Islands Trust
  • 1997 - No award presented.
  • 1998 - GORDON HOWIE, Municipal Manager, District of North Vancouver
  • 1999 - MORAY STEWART, Administrator, Peace River Regional District

Distinguished Partnership Awards


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