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An LGMA membership provides you with numerous professional development and training opportunities all year long in a wide variety of topics to help you succeed in your job and connects you to colleagues from across B.C.  The LGMA membership also offers a number of member services  not offered by your regional chapter membership.

As an LGMA member, you benefit from a wide range of specialized programs and services which have been designed to support and enhance your professional career.  Although this guide will give you a brief overview of the offerings that are currently available, the nature of the Association is that new initiatives are regularly being brought on stream. Keeping your membership current will ensure that you are kept up to date on these programs.

The LGMA Executive Compensation Toolkit provides a one stop location for current information about compensation resources for senior, non-elected local government officials in British Columbia.

Career Transition Counselling Service - Dealing with Involuntary Termination. The Local Government Management Association now provides its members with an initial 2 hour confidential counselling session following termination.

Pension Consulting Service - Planning for your future. In partnership with pension specialist Jerry Woytack, the LGMA provides personal pension and retirement planning counseling services for its members.

From 2007 to 2009 the LGMA in partnership with the New Zealand Society of Local Government Managers (SOLGM), facilitated an Overseas Manager Exchange Program.

Labour and Employment Legal Advice and Assistance

Members who may have a labour dispute with their employers may obtain legal information and advice through the Canadian Bar Association, BC Branch. It offers two services that are of particular interest. The first, Dial-A-Law, is a library of pre-recorded messages prepared by lawyers to provide practical information on specific topics of law as they apply to BC. To contact, call 1-800-565-5297 from outside the Lower Mainland. In the Lower Mainland call 604-687-4680.

The second service offered is a lawyer referral service. This is offered on a regional basis throughout BC and includes an initial 30 minute consultation for a nominal fee. To contact call: toll-free from outside the Lower Mainland 1-800-663-1919. In the Lower Mainland 604-687-3221.

Members may view this information at the Canadian Bar Association, BC Branch's website.

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