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Consider the following Volunteer Opportunities:

  • 100th Anniversary Committee - apply by November 15
  • Clerks and Corporate Officers Forum 2018 Conference Committee - by November 10

In 2019 the Local Government Management Association of BC will commemorate its 100th anniversary and we need our members to help us celebrate it.

Join our LGMA100 steering committee (attend quarterly meetings either in person or on the phone and help to guide the LGMA100 celebrations). At this stage in the planning process we’re looking to the Steering Committee to help envision legacy projects for the centennial, brainstorm how best to mark the centennial at our Annual Conference, and to assist with historical research.

To be a part of the LGMA100 Steering Committee, please complete the Become a Volunteer Form and email your application before November 15th to:

Ryan Hunt
LGMA Communications & Membership Engagement Coordinator

Here are some other ways you can help the LGMA mark its 100th anniversary:

We are looking for members’ stories, photos, and memories of the LGMA and/or of their work in local government. With your help we can share and celebrate stories of the impact that local governments, local government workers, and LGMA members have made in our province for the past century.

  • Send us a quick email with a story or memory you would like to share with our network
  • Share with us a photo relating to either the LGMA or your work in local government  (if you have a physical photo you’d like to share, we can mail it back to you!)
  • Forward this page onto a colleague (past or present) who might have an interesting story or historical perspective to share with us
  • Follow us on Twitter (we’ll be sharing regular LGMA100 updates, photos, and stories)

If you are interested in contributing to the LGMA100 celebrations or have any questions about it, please email:

Ryan Hunt
LGMA Communications & Membership Engagement Coordinator


The Local Government Management Association has a number of task oriented committees and volunteer positions which are established either to provide assistance to the Association on specific projects or to provide the Association with a liaison to external organizations. Typically, the appointments to these positions range from one to three years, although in some cases they are directly related to a specific project and terminate upon completion of that project. Travel expenses related to committee activities are covered by the Association.

In an effort to encourage participation by the membership in the activities of the Association, expressions of interest are invited from members who wish to serve on the committees described below. Although there may not be vacancies in all positions every year, all expressions of interest will be kept on file should a vacancy arise.

Should you wish to volunteer in one or more of these positions, please complete the Become a Volunteer Form and email it to the LGMA office. All applicants should include a brief written statement outlining their experience in local government as well as reasons supporting their appointment.

Volunteer Opportunity Brief Description
Annual Conference Organizing Committee

Each year interested members are sought to work with LGMA staff to develop the content and organization details of the Annual Conference and put recommendations forward to the Board of Directors for approval.

Committee responsibilities include:

  • Deliberation and recommendation of a proposed program of events within the budget;
  • Identification of a conference theme; educational, social, and networking activities; and related presenters or facilitators where applicable;
  • Additional support for implementation of the program activities as required.
Time Commitment:

Members are expected to participate in conference calls (normally 2 or 3) and email exchange during October and November to develop the program content recommendations. Reasonable time outside of these meetings may be required for related research.

There is significant staff support in the lead up to and during the conference itself, however additional volunteer time will be assessed and may be required.  This could include participation in conference calls/emails or in some other event support or delivery capacity as reasonably required.

Terms of Reference

Approving Officer Committee


LGMA is seeking one individual from its membership from a municipality with a population under 5,000 who is interested in serving on the Approving Officer Committee. The mandate of the Committee is to provide continuing education and operational support for local government officials tasked with responsibilities for the processing and evaluation of subdivision applications.  An emphasis is placed on pragmatic professional development rather than theoretical studies.

The Approving Officer Committee will be responsible for:

  • working with LGMA staff to organize and deliver an annual Approving Officers Workshop
  • working with LGMA staff to ensure timely updates to and maintenance of the Guide for Approving Officers
  • providing direction and input to the MATI School for Statutory Approving Officers program; and
  • facilitating networking and other training opportunities for approving officers.

Time Commitment: Committee members are required to participate in meetings, either electronically or in person, as required to offer input into and support for training programs and resource materials. Members are encouraged to participate in the organization and/or delivery of training workshops and MATI School for Statutory Approving Officers as reasonably required. At least three members of the committee shall be the statutory approving officer in a local government. At least one member of the committee shall be from a municipality with a population over 50,000 and at least one member of the committee shall be from a municipality with a population under 5,000. The term of office for each member on the committee is a maximum of two years.

Terms of Reference

Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy and Records Management Committee


LGMA is seeking up to two new committee members with Freedom of Information and Records Management experience who are interested in serving on the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy and Records Management Committee.  The mandate of the Committee is to provide continuing education and operational support for local government officials tasked with responsibilities for FOI and records management.

The Committee's responsibilities include the following:

  • Deliberation and recommendation of proposed professional development and training activities;
  • Identification of legislative, regulatory or other changes in best practice for FOI and records management;
  • Support as required for implementation of professional development and training activities, including:
  • Identification of best practices,
  • Identification of case studies of interest from around BC;
  • Guidance on updates to the FOIPP Toolkit and Records Management Manual;
  • Review and inputs to program or manual changes in collaboration with experts or consultants.

Time Commitment: The Committee meets as required, generally by teleconference on a quarterly basis.  Committee members are expected to participate in person only when there are major planning requirements.

Terms of Reference

MATI Foundations Program Committee


LGMA is seeking 3 indiviuals from its membership who are interested in serving on the MATI Foundations Program Committee. The mandate of the Committee is to oversee the instructor selection, curriculum development, and evaluation for the program, which will mark its 35th year in 2017.

MATI Foundations provides a high caliber, education program for local government officers.  An emphasis is place on pragmatic and professional development rather than theoretical studies.  The content is kept current through an ongoing evaluation of course objectives, upgrading of material and presentations combined with a regular rotation of instructors. The Program Committee is responsible for ensuring and achieving the overall objectives as determined by the LGMA Executive.

Time Commitment: Committee members are required to attend the program follow-up meeting, typcially held in October, and to participate in conference calls periodically throughout the year. Committee members are encouraged to attend as much of the week-long MATI session as possible, which is normally held during the second week in August in either Kelowna (UBC Okanagan) or Victoria (University of Victoria).  An allowance is provided to cover normal travel expenses, with meals and accommodation provided at the venue.

Terms of Reference

MATI Leadership Program Committee

MATI Communications Program Committee

MATI Managing People Program Committee

MATI Community Planning

In partnership with Capilano College, the LGMA offers the MATI 2,3, and 4 programs on Bowen Island. The organizing committees for each of these programs will vary in number depending on the program and the requirements in a particular year.

Time Commitment: Periodic meetings. May include active participation in the delivery of the programs on Bowen Island.
Integrated Cadastral Initiative Society Board of Directors

ICIS is registered under the BC Society Act as a not-for-profit society. Originally incorporated in 2001, ICIS is a partnership of local governments, utility companies and provincial agencies. ICIS is in the process of building a provincial standard and land information database that consists of integrated parcel fabric and related parcel links, i.e., BC Assessment, Crown and private interest & engineering infrastructure, land use.

The directors representing the Local Government Class are appointed jointly by the Union of British Columbia Municipalities, the Local Government Management Association, and the Municipal Information Systems Association.

Time Commitment: ICIS Board meets quarterly (2 days each time). Meetings typically held in Lower Mainland or Victoria.
CAO Forum Committee

Up to 5 individuals who work with LGMA staff to organize the program content and organizational details of the annual LGMA CAO Forum. (Open to those who occupy CAO positions.)

Time Commitment: Meets periodically (teleconference) between September and December.

Clerks and Corporate Officers Forum Committee

email: ssantarossa@lgma.ca

Due date November 10, 2017





This committee of up to 5 individuals work with LGMA staff to organize the program content and organizational details of the annual Clerks and Corporate Officers Forum (open to those in Clerks and Corporate Officers (or deputy) positions).

LGMA is currently seeking 2 individuals.

Time Commitment: Meets periodically (teleconference) throughout the year and one face to face meeting each year post-forum. 

Terms of Reference

Elections Committee




This Committee of up to 5 individuals is responsible for the periodic maintenance of the LGMA Elections Manual and the delivery of workshops on elections administration every three years in the year of a general local government election. Participants should have a good understanding of the elections provisions of the Local Government Actas well as being comfortable in a public speaking role for the delivery of workshops.

Time Commitment: As required in non-general election years; Usually several meetings in the fall in the year before the general election to review the manual. Selected Committee members to deliver workshops in the year of general elections.

Terms of Reference

Board of Examiners

One representative from the LGMA who sits on the Board of Examiners with representatives of the UBCM and the Ministry of Community Services. Duties include the consideration and awarding of certificates under the Board of Examiners regulation, scholarship applications, and program changes.

Time Commitment: Meets quarterly, usually in Lower Mainland or on Vancouver Island.

Appointment typically for 3 years.

Joint Pension Liaison Committee


Up to 3 individuals (2 LGMA and 1 GFOA) who liaise periodically with representatives of the Municipal Pension Plan. The primary objective of the Joint Pension Committee is to provide advice and support to the municipal representative on the Municipal Pension Plan Board of Trustees on behalf of the exempt members of the GFOABC and LGMA membership.

Time Commitment : Minimal - periodic meetings with Pension Plan officials.

Terms of Reference 

Special Projects

From time to time, special projects are undertaken which require input and advice, and assistance from the membership. An example of this is the update of the LGMA Human Resources Manual for which a special purpose committee has been established to guide this project.

Time commitment: Will vary depending on the task.

Workshop Presenters

Many of the workshops presented by the LGMA throughout BC are conducted by members who have either developed an expertise or accumulated experience in a particular subject area. In most cases, a commitment to assist with the presentation of a workshop includes the commitment to travel to a variety of locations within the Province at LGMA expense. Examples of workshops that have been presented by members in the past include Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy, Policy Skills, and Elections Administration.

Time commitment: Will vary depending on the workshop.

Teamworks Assistance Volunteer

Teamworks is the LGMA program that gives local governments access to additional, specialized resources, adding a new level of service to the long municipal tradition of informally sharing knowledge and best practices. Under the Teamworks Program, a local government requiring some specialized assistance in developing their own staff expertise in a given subject area can call upon the Teamworks Program to recruit a volunteer from another community where that expertise exists. That volunteers will often travel to the community receiving the assistance (with travel costs covered by the receiving community) to lend their expertise which is provided at no cost.

Time Commitment: Will vary depending on nature of advice/assistance being provided to recipient local governments. Assignments in the past have ranged from 1 day to 10 days.

Association Historian

This position involves the maintenance of the Association's Archives and assisting with requests for historical information that come forward from time to time.

Time Commitment: Periodic

Further information on any of these positions can be obtained by contacting the LGMA office at:

Telephone: 250-383-7032
Fax: 250-383-4879
Email: office@lgma.ca

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