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Become a Member / Membership Renewal

LGMA Provincial Membership Renewals for 2018

Your Organization's Membership Renewal
The designated primary contact for each organization (ie., CAO, CFO, CCO) will receive a renewal notice from LGMA that is unique to your organization's Provincial membership. The primary contact will be responsible for confirming their organization's named members by renewing, adding or removing employees, and providing payment.

The 2018 renewal instruction sheet is available to help guide primary contacts through LGMA Provincial Membership Renewal.

Payment can be made online by credit card or sent by cheque (Be sure to include the names of members you are renewing) to our address: Suite 710A - 880 Douglas Street, Victoria, BC  V8W 2B7.

Chapter Membership Renewals can be found under your individual Local Chapter.

For more information email: office@lgma.ca


Creating a Personal Profile on MyLGMA

To be sure you stay connected to the LGMA to access information on our various training programs, workshops, conferences, webinars, all local government job postings and member news, services, manuals, resources and supports, make sure your member profile on our member registration is current and updated. Yes, this long list of services is what you receive by staying connected to LGMA.

What do I need to do?

  • Login to the ‘LGMA members login account’ using your email address and password you created last year.
  • If you can’t remember your password, click on resend my password.
  • Update your contact information, especially if you have accepted a new position in a different local government as we will need your new email address.
  • Update ‘Communications Subscription Management’ section and be sure you are on our mailing lists for program announcements, job circular and LGMA news, Exchange Magazine by clicking the boxes beside each option.

This is CASL compliant and it is important we receive your permission.


Retired Member Profile

Will you be retiring in 2018? Did you know you can still receive information on LGMA programs as a retired member, and we encourage you to do so. Who knows, you might want to offer your specialized skillset on a short-term basis, sit on one of our program committees, take one of our webinars, or partner in one of our programs. Just let us know when you are retiring, and we can assist you to change your profile to retired member status.


Regular Membership

To be a regular member, a person must meet the following criteria:

  1. is employed by or under contract directly or indirectly with a local government in BC or with a First Nations in BC;
  2. holds a non-unionized managerial position with authority over physical resources, financial resources, or human resources, or supervisory responsibility over a key service area.

To review all details of membership, refer to the Membership section found in LGMA's Constitution and Bylaws

Regular Membership fees:

1 to 4 Members $300.00 plus 5% GST per Member
5 to 9 Members $260.00 plus 5% GST per Member
10 or more Members $225.00 plus 5% GST per Member

 Member services are available only to those with current LGMA Memberships.

Affiliate Membership

Open to a person or organization having an interest in local government administration.

Affiliate Membership fees are $350.00 plus 5% GST per Affiliate Member.

Affiliate or Retired Member Application Form

To review all details of affiliate membership, refer to the Membership section found in LGMA's Constitution and Bylaws

Retired Membership

Available to an individual who was a member of the Association immediately prior to retirement; is in receipt of a municipal retirement pension or equivalent and is retired from regular full time employment.

Retired Membership fees are $135.00 plus 5% GST per Retired Member.

Affiliate or Retired Member Application Form

Student Membership

Available to an individual who is a student and has an interest in local government.

Student Membership Application Form

A step-by-step instruction sheet to confirm your profile is available to help guide you through our system. The process should take less than 10 minutes to complete.


Spring 2014 LGMA Membership Review: Strategies and Techniques to Attract and Retain Members

A project paper by Kipp Sezginalp, University of Victoria, Masters in Public Administration




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