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Policy 008: Archives


It is the policy of the LGMA to establish and maintain an archival collection of materials relating to the LGMA and local government in British Columbia.


Since the beginnings of the LGMA in 1919 records have been accumulated including minutes of meetings, special reports and financial information. Much of this information is retained by past members in various locations around the province. In 1990 a decision was made to establish an archive and recover documents relating to the history of the LGMA. In 2003 the archival information was returned to the office.


It is the goal of this policy to maintain an archive of LGMA documents for research and educational purposes.


  1. To collect and preserve material which illustrates the growth and development of the LGMA.
  2. To maintain an archival material catalogue for LGMA members.
  3. To provide for the protection and preservation of archival material
  4. To make archival material available for educational and public awareness purposes.

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