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Our History

At the 1919 Union of BC Municipalities Conference, a resolution was adopted establishing the Municipal Officers Association (MOA) of BC. The MOA met in conjunction with the UBCM Conference until 1939, when a decision was made to hold separate meetings. (The Union of BC Municipalities is comprised of elected officials from BC local governments.)

Between 1939 and 1968, the MOA held an annual conference in Victoria. Since 1969, host cities have been selected from around the Province.

Until the early 1980s, the MOA was completely a volunteer organization, with administrative assistance provided by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs. The first paid staff person was hired in 1984.

In June 2000, the Association's name was changed to the "Local Government Management Association of BC" (LGMA).

The organization is currently governed by a 13 member Board of Directors, and six staff members to handle daily operations.

The original purpose of the Municipal Officer's Association (1919) was two-fold:

  1. To encourage the interchange of ideas; and
  2. To foster/encourage a "greater efficiency of municipal officers in the performance of their duties"

The LGMA continues to uphold these ideals, striving to promote professional Management and leadership excellence in local government, and to create awareness of the local government officers' role in the community. The Association provides timely and forward-thinking educational programs for local government professionals that encourage fellowship and networking.

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