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Rocky Mountain Executive

Jon Wilsgard
Town of Golden
T: 250.344.2271 ext. 237
E: jon.wilsgard@golden.ca
W: www.golden.ca

Vice President
Scott Sommerville
City of Kimberley
T: 250.427.9668
E: ssommerville@kimberley.ca
W: www.kimberley.ca
Karen Cote
District of Invermere
T: 250.342.9281
E: finance@invermere.net
W. www.invermere.net

Nicole Thurman
City of Kimberley
T: 250.427.9658
E: nthurman@kimberley.ca
W: www.kimberley.ca
Past President and LGMA Chapter Director
Curtis Helgesen
District of Elkford
T: 250.865.4000
F: 250.865.4001
E: chelgesen@elkford.ca
W: www.elkford.ca

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